Christmas trees and greenery

We began producing greenery and Christmas trees in 2002. At that time harvesting took place on leased fields that others had planted.
We established the first plantations of our own with Nordmann fir in 2006. These areas have gradually been expanded and we now cultivate approximately 45 hectares of Christmas trees and just under 15 hectares of Noble fir and Nordmann fir for the production of greenery. Most of the plantations are on the island of Lolland, but we also have plantations on Zealand.


Our production of Christmas trees began in quite a traditional way, but we gradually stepped up the intensity of our cultivation in line with increasing market demand for high-quality trees and greenery. All our Christmas trees are now grown 100% intensively, which means all trees has manually been cut in the bottom and are all individually regulated in both width and height.

In addition we carry out weed, insect and algae control. Furthermore we fertilise all our trees manually to maximise utilisation of the added nutrients and to minimise leaching. Most of the areas are fertilised with slowly biodegradable biological fertiliser in the form of pelleted chicken droppings. We have found this type of fertilisation effective and gives us a lush and full-bodied greenery with long needles and an attractive dark green colour.

Please download our brochure "Christmas trees and greenery" for more information - click to download.

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